Sep. 3rd, 2007 12:23 am
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Wow, I'm not sure how realistic this is.
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Had a very expensive trip for sushi today, as the meeting I was going to London for was actually back in home base. So, travelled up, bought sushi for the addicts, and came back. Great way to waste a morning.

So, unofficially, I'm now 'at risk' with a very very high likelihood of redundancy. Just the paperwork to follow. Its a mutual decision, and I think its the right one, even if it will lead to job searching, which I HATE! The really awful thing about it, is that my one employee, who is seconded to me, will also be put at risk, and she rocks! She's the kind of person who when I ring with a problem, has already noticed the problem days ago, come up with a plan to solve the problem, and in fact, is already half way through fixing it. I adore working with her, and I will miss having her incredible competence behind me, making me look good. I've tried much much harder to find her a new role than I have for myself, but I've failed. Luckily, I don't think she is very upset with the situation.

Spent last weekend staying in Dover Castle (yes in!) It was wonderful, so thanks to J&M for making it possible. The castle is amazing, its been a working castle for almost all its life, and wandering around tunnels, through the napolenic tunnels and into those built for WW2 was really interesting. All that history! The weather was fairly typical, quite windy, but we did manage to sit outside and enjoy some wine, even if it did involve some blankets. And having read quite a bit about WW2, to then realise just how awfully close France is. I really had no idea, its not like you can see anything else from NZ. (except more of NZ!)
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I'm sure my sister will tag this as catering to my OCD tendencies, but I have just downloaded wine tracking software and logged all my wine, and sorted by maturity. Firstly, I love having my own laptop. What started out as a random thought, hey I wonder if there is software out there for this, ended up in a number of hours work, and me feeling like I might have control over the wine for the first time in ages.

For any of you worried about just how much wine is involved, I'm currently talking about 60 bottles, which given I like to age my reds for at least a year before drinking and preferably 2 years, is not really that bad. Although I make no promises that it will stay at that level. There is, after all, a trip to france planned soon. (although I have my suspicions that the trip to Tuscany will be far more fatal)

(my sis has nothing to comment about, while I may have bought her readerware, I didn't make her go through all her old receipts for the last 3 years and add in the values of each book in her library, geek!)

I think it would be best if I don't comment on the work situation. I try very hard not to make the place of employment (putting gainful in that sentence would just be sarcastic) identifiable, for very good reasons. Given the press of the last week, anything I say will be obvious. Except Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

The news that a NZ power company switched off the power to a household with a woman on oxygen, who subsequently died, is all over the UK press. While I think this is appalling behaviour from the power company, I also think there are probably a number of other issues going on, namely that if she was that dependent on oxygen, she should have been in hospital, so there was clearly a failure in after care support. I think this family, who have clearly struggled to support themselves without resorting to public funds have been let down in a number of ways, and in a country as small as NZ, thats inexcusable. I was amused that when the PM came to give her condolences to the family, she snubbed the execs from the power company waiting outside. When the PM is pissed off enough to snub you, then you should be expecting serious government investigation as revenge.

And finally, the issue that has consumed LJ for the last few days. What a mess! Talk about good intentions being on the road to hell (I'm sure I've mangled that quote) Although it certainly seems to have spurred fandom into action, which is wonderful. Given that lurking is no longer an option, I've made a new pledge to comment on stories I read and like enough to bookmark. As those people who have tried to get me to beta know, my comments tend to be of the vaguely unhelpful variety, but I'm sure with practice I'll get better. My job for this weekend is to track down some of the stories I've read and loved and add a comment.
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You know, the thing that probably irks me personally most about the latest LJ witchhunt is that its driving me out of lurkerdom. I mean, obviously the impact this is having on various LJ communities is horrible, and its definitely driving a number of people to a great deal of effort but if I can't be selfish on my own LJ, then where can I be.

Of the vast amount of fanfic I've read, there are really only about 10 authors I love enough to haunt their LJ's and now I will have to friend them and expose the boring dribble of my life to them, if I'm lucky (i.e they friend me back, so I can read the friends locked stuff) Since I don't write ( I dream wonderful plots, but something happens when I put it down on paper, its not pretty) I don't have much to contribute to these wonderful writers, and I was happy just lurking.


And I'm out of gin. I'm going to have to settle for the 40% stuff that is all they are allowed to sell here until I can convince someone travelling outside the EU to buy the proper stuff. (40% freezes when put in the freezer, 47% does not) I'm not enough of an alcoholic to care about the extra 7%
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Well, the wine fair was okay, but not nearly as good as last year. I was much more organised this year, but it didn't help much. Didn't stop me buying 20 bottles of wine of course, along with a very very nice bottle of cognac that I'm going to have to be careful with. I've only just started drinking cognac in the last year or so, and I hadn't realised that it could be as smooth as a good red wine until tasting a 34 year cognac. It was very nice.

I also wish oddbins website let you search by product code. I have the list of wines I've brought and want to see what the recommendations for cellaring time is, but I can only search by title, which is very difficult sometimes.

Finished the final of BSG this week, and well, all I can say is if the cylons really do have a plan, its coming from a Choose your own adventure playbook as they seem to change strategies as often as Galactica changes CAG's.

Managed to 'work from home' on Wednesday, which was the best day of the week for weather, so I actually got to sit outside and enjoy the garden furniture for a bit. Course, its now a long weekend, and the weather is supposed to turn awful.

On rereading, I'm absolutely sure I post better when drunk.


May. 12th, 2007 01:11 am
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My iTunes seems to have developed a secret thing for OMD (orchestral manoeuvres in the dark) Given I have over 1500 songs and OMD is all of 12 of those, I'm not sure why it keeps popping up. Seriously, has anyone else noticed their music player giving opinions on their music taste?
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No, not really, but it made you look!

Hey look, I'm breaking with recent tradition and posting before midnight, and before numerous glasses of wine. Hopefully this doesn't start a trend. (damn, now I'm under a deadline, I hate deadlines....)

Saturday afternoon, we decided to put together the garden furniture. I bagsed putting the chairs together (good call!) which required me to open them and tie the cushions on. The table however, was a much more complicated beast, and although we managed to get the legs put together eventually, there seems to be no correct way to fasten them to the table top. One way allows for screwing the legs into the holes on the table, but doesn't align the locking mechanism so the two halves of the table top come apart. The other locks the table top, but doesn't attach the legs. Sensing divorce looming ever closer on the horizon, we decided to celebrate the win with the chairs, and not to talk about the table. The master plan is to wait until we have friends around (the type who like to play with this kind of stuff, you know who you are) and mention the problem.

Have had a fairly frustrating week at work. Without going into all those annoying identifying details, we've had issues scheduling people for courses, and the people running said courses were complaining. As they get paid in 3 days what I get paid in a month, and they have to deal with the problem for about 6 days a month, whereas I get it all the time, I was less than impressed with them. However, I managed to avoid going into London all week, only to get a meeting Monday afternoon. Which would be fine, but I have the oddbins wine fair on Sunday. I have warned them about the potential hangover.

Gratuitous tech talk ahead, you have been warned

Have been introduced to RSS feeds. I've understood the concept since it started being in use, but hadn't realised just how ubiquitous it had become. I'm now reading a number of LJ's that way, and its making my life a lot easier. Felt rather silly for not having figured it out myself. However, this is what I have more technically able friends for. Speaking of, we had all of our more technically able friends around, and ran out of wireless connections (for some reason the router will only accept 5 connections) So, we thought to enable the Airport express to accept connections. However (blush) I've forgotten the password. (the look on someone's face when I said this was interesting) They then started much playing around, reconfiguring, resetting hardware etc. Only to end the evening in exactly the same position we were when we started. I think much fun was had by all, at least I was having fun.
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Had meeting with my 'new' boss this week. She was mortified at the complete lack of any HR process. I think I reassured her, as I found it mildly annoying but quite funny as well. In other work related news, I have managed to pretend to be working from home for a couple of days this week, which involves logging on, answering a few emails and then doing whatever I would be doing if it were not a work day. Somehow, I sense redundancy in my future. In my defense, it has been beautiful weather. There are a few other work things that have happened, but if I put them all down, everyone will know where I work, and that could be messy. Actually, the sad thing is, if I mentioned all the employment (because it wasn't always HR's fault) f***ups that have happened over the last year, it might narrow down the company, but would in no way help to narrow it down any further.

As the back garden is now fit for habitation, I'm thinking about getting garden furniture! Which will then require me to have people round to enjoy said garden furniture, which would be fine if I could cook. Since I can't, I'll have to invest heavily in precooked or barbecue type meals. Food poisoning is okay if its a BBQ right?

Update: We have garden furniture. Well actually we have a rather large box, which at some point will be converted to garden furniture. Hopefully this will drive us outside sometimes. no BBQ yet, we looked at some and decided it was just too much hassle right now. That and I think both of us looked at and thought "food poisoning"

How much do you think they had to pay Stan Lee for Who wants to be a superhero? I would have thought the man would have enough royalties coming in to not need something quite a stupid as that.


Apr. 28th, 2007 01:07 am
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I forgot to mention, as I walked back to Waterloo, across Waterloo bridge, I noticed a clump of people. I thought they were waiting for the bus but realised as I got closer, they were filming. Managed to read the clipboard, and they were filming Spooks! At which point I glanced around and realised that the stars were all there, and I was clearly completely oblivious. Sometimes, working in London is very cool
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So, after playing musical chairs with bosses for the last year, the music seems to have come to a halt. Course, it kind of helps if someone (like, I don't know, say HR!) actually informs said boss of their direct reports. Not like that would be useful information or anything. After a month, I happened to be in the same office as my boss for the first time. I know she has been extremely busy for a while so wasn't too worried about the lack of contact and only slightly suspected that perhaps she didn't know about me. I asked if she would sign off holiday leave for me. She asked me to repeat myself. On doing so, she was rendered speechless. She had no idea I reported into her, and whats more, her boss, the same person I sit in project meetings with on a fortnightly basis, also didn't know I reported into her.

The fact that I found this funny and not terribly surprising says it all about the company I work for. Idiots.

However, for compensation, the oddbins wine fair information is finally up (not that I've been haunting their website for weeks waiting for it, or anything) We went last year and had a great time, and I discovered a number of wonderful wines. This year, I'm not going to take notes on the order form, because then when you've placed your order on said order form, and they ring you a week later to ask for confirmation, you have nothing left to help remember through the drunken haze exactly what it was that you ordered. Last year, for some unknown reason, I ordered three bottles of champagne. I quite like champagne, but we drink it very rarely and get given it more often than we drink it, so buying it just fills the wine racks. I'm really looking forward to trying lots of different wines, and this year, when I like one, I'm going to buy more than a few bottles.

Interesting icon for cynical. I'm not sure its representative really. Guess I better get used to it though, I think its going to be one of those years.
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So, the not to be identified place of employment has rebranded. And there are ads everywhere! Its very very weird to be surfing the net, and look up to ads for work. There is something really wrong about work finally getting a clue about the internet. If I figure out who mentioned as a place to advertise, there will be words! Possibly nasty ones

Also, I've had 8 bosses in a year. Do you think there's some kind of award for this? Like the person least wanted. Of the 8, 5 have actually left the company, so theres room for concern about my cupability for this. Perhaps I am the employee most likely to drive you to resign.

You know, a new feature that would be handy on LJ is a note of the alcohol that is fueling a particular post. After all, we are noting music, and thats far less likely to drive me to post. What the hell, anyone who knows me will figure it out.

Still no word on the Tuscany villa, I'm beginning to suspect that the Italians work on different time to us. I have a haircut appt with my wonderful Italian hairdresser tomorrow, perhaps I'll ask him if there is a way to get them to actually commit to reserving the villa for us.


Mar. 4th, 2007 10:07 pm
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Want to Get Sorted?

a Ravenclaw!

I can't seem to get into slytherin, no matter what I answer! I clearly need to get sneaky

I'm back

Mar. 4th, 2007 09:47 pm
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Okay, so its over a year since I posted, which is appalling.  However, since I'm now being harrassed by my friends to post again, thought I'd give this a go again.

And, of course, a year has gone by and we have new technology, including a new mac for me, which means no more fighting to get onto the computer.

So, still in same flat, however, the landlords have redecorated, which means we get to find out the items in the flat that no longer work, and the items that didn't used to work and now do.  Yet to figure out why the doorbell doesn't work, but luckily all our friends have mobiles, from which they can call us and let us know they are right outside, and could we get off our arses and open the door.

Company I work for has undergone an unspecified number of mergers along with at least 2 name changes, and I've moved into HR (clearly I'm destined to work in all divisions)  Up to my 6th boss in a year, I'm now starting to laugh when people ask me if I'm okay about it (really, if I wasn't, would I still be here!) 

But, you know, new technology at home to make it all better.  Although, what I've forgotten about unix is incredible (its been far too long since university)  I've had to install openoffice 3 times, because I keep thinking I've installed, deleting the dmg file and then realising (usually when I'm away from the net) that I've actually deleted all of it.  Hopefully I've cracked it now, but its rather embarrassing.

Okay, thats enough for now, besides, I appear to have various surreal skype conversations going on, that I need to try to ignore.
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Alright, so its been 4 months! since I posted, which is kind of silly. However, the good news is, I've finally hooked the work laptop up to the adsl connection, which means that I can sit in bed, listening to music and surf the internet. I cannot believe I've reached this age without experiencing this!!!

So brief update, the tv was fixed and worked fine. The car is still being driven with the large stop light on the dashboard all lit up, which is kind of freaky for the first week, but after a while you get used to it. Seems to drive fine though. It has also started to flash its lights when doors are opened and closed, which is embarrassing. Why does everything vaguely electronic I own feel the need to develop a personality. Really, it would be fine if they just worked the way they are supposed to.

And in other news, I've been moved to finance at work. So, not only am a computer geek, but I'm now a bean counter as well. I find myself having discussions about EBITDA and segment profit. I'm never ever going to be able to make small talk at a party again. I am now death to small talk. I'm going to have to develop a interesting hobby in sheer self defence.

However, it does mean I get to hear all sorts of corporate in fighting which is incredibly amusing. The things senior execs spend money on!

I have discovered the one problem with a gym opening up 5 minutes from work is that my main excuse not to go is completely gone. However, no one has ever accused me of not being ingenious, so I have come up with new ones. Obviously, I'm too tired is a good one. I've just eaten wheat and therefore won't have any energy is a new one, and so far, no one has called me on it. My gym clothes are in the wash also works well.

Brain fried

Sep. 2nd, 2004 09:05 pm
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I've been working far too hard. So much work on, I'm starting to forget all sorts of important information.  Too much to do, not enough brain time to do it in.  Need holiday.

However, joined a gym on Thursday and have been lots.  Even booked a yoga class.  We'll see how that one works out.  And the other good news is that the tv repairman thinks the tv can be fixed.  This is good, because I could live without live tv, but not dvd's.

Theres a mood list in the client I use to update this and its got the word exanimate.  I get animate, but exanimate.  Is this even a word, let alone a mood.  I think I'll stick with exhausted.  God knows what people would think if I put exanimate. 

Uh oh

Aug. 23rd, 2004 11:23 pm
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And now I realise I'm repeating myself.  Time has looped on me.  Hmmmmm
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Argh, everything in my life is breaking down!  First the car starts showing red warning lights just after paying a fortune for a MOT.  I've never had actually the experience of driving a car with the big RED stop light lit up, and its probably one I can do without ever having again.  The vertical hold on the TV is going , so we have to leave it on, all the time.  If the neighbours thought we watched a lot of tv before!

Then the computer starts making funny noises.  Then my watch stops.  Then I lose my swipe card for work, at my desk, and can't find it.  No chance they might not let me into tomorrow.  Actually, you know, the more I read this, the more its starting to sound like a really really bad x-files episode.  If that spooky music starts up, I'm out of here.  (preferably vertically not horizontally floating through a window)
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So, I was supposed to update this thing vaguely regularly, but I guess not.  Strange week at work, which probably prompted the not posting, while I processed it.  I've been asked to take on some extra responsibility, which looks interesting.  I'm flattered, espically since the CIO asked me, but I'm still not sure it will actually use any more brain power than the current job.

In other shocking news, I have not yet joined the gym. Not that I want this journal to be a bridget jones type thing, but at least if I post about this occasionally, I won't be able to fool myself into thinking that I've actually been to the gym when I haven't.  I did, however, watch the olympics gymnastics, so surely that counts as thinking about exercise, which is almost as good.

And our ten year old tv is breaking.  The vertical hold is going.  We have discovered a way to fix this, by not turning the TV off.  This defintely ought to convince the neighbours that we do nothing but watch tv all day long.  (we live in a quiet street, where we are defintely the strange couple)  Still, its better than having to buy a new tv.  I could live with actual television, but not without watching dvd's.
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so, the IT barbeque was tonight.  Wasn't nearly as bad as I had expected, mostly due to the free booze.  Its an interesting counterpoint to the finance evening I went to last week, IT has 400 people and I know 10 (with 5 of those being senior managers reporting to the CIO, so unhelpful for drunken conversation) and the other 5 being people I work directly with.  On the other hand, of the 15 people who showed up to the pub for the finance thing, I knew all of them. Do you think there is something wrong here?  Seriously, I have financial directors (with years of experience in finance) ringing me for advice on finance stuff.  Either I'm seriously god like, or this is a weird job.  Excuse my modesty, I'm going with the second one.  I'm wondering, who would it freak out more than I want to hack my MP3 players code to get it work better....

Finance huh. Interesting career direction (I'm not calling it choice, I'm not sure any choice occured here)

However, I've been enjoying the last few days at work, because I  get to port all of my settings etc over to a laptop (which I have admin rights to!)  For those people either not versed in corporate speak, or those not into tech speak, this is a major win over the tech's)  I think the arguement of, well, you can spend 3 hours porting all her prefs from the desktop to the laptop, or you can give her admin rights won over.  However, this gives me access. I get to play.  Boy I'm having fun. Quick poll, does this mean I'm doomed to IT forever? 

So, in summary.  I drank far too may barcadi breezers at the IT barbeque (so the car is still at work) and am somewhat resigned to my fate of being the resident tech geek in finance.


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