Jan. 23rd, 2009 10:04 pm
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Note to self. must post more often

So, status update. Am currently working 110 miles away from home at a University. Doing IT consulting that is easy, but interesting, and the team is very happy to have me there. Makes a nice change from being at my actual office, where they mostly ignore me. I have deep suspicions that work has undersold me again, but since they are paying for an apartment, all travel costs, and a nice 'being away from home' fee, I'm making more money, and keeping my job, so I forgive them.

This university turns out to be one of the ones I investigated quite some time ago for a MBA. Since I'm there, I thought I'd go along and check it out. Am so far undecided on if its a good idea or not. It's a lot of work, and while I firmly believe a MBA will get you more interviews, it won't get you a job. Having said that, I give good interview, and give horrific intro letters, so more interviews is a good thing. Also, only 25% women. I feel a need to go be loud, bolshy and female at them.

Of course, if I did a MBA, I'd have to take a leave of absence from the interwebs. Is there a 12 step program for that yet?

In other far more interesting news, the state of my wine cellar (the wine stacked in the garage) is pitiful. Laithwaites to the rescue. (wine society website so far scares me, I think I shall have to call them instead) 4 1/2 cases on their way, one case put together by their absolutely awesome customer service. For those thinking that is a lot of wine, it's not really. I put down all reds for at least 2 years, so I need to keep at least 100 bottles in the garage at any one time.

And just got my welcome to Amnesty International mail, with big pink letters - "You're annoying" Points for using the apostrophe correctly, and a great way to get my attention. First reaction - Damn, there goes that New Years resolution. Am looking into IT volunteering, where a charity gets the use of my IT skills rather than just time.

Watched the inaguration, but given the speed at which President Obama is moving, that feels like weeks ago. Does that man ever sleep? Needless to say, I'm seriously impressed so far.

There, thats a post and then some. Now onto actually answering other peoples posts!

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Date: 2009-03-31 08:11 pm (UTC)
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Of course, if I did a MBA, I'd have to take a leave of absence from the interwebs.


Management of internet companies. Research material theretobe. Problem solved. :-D


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