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My hairdresser is leaving me. He is not only leaving the hairdressing place, but actually leaving the country. Moving back home to Milan (not even for a great haircut could I come up with a convincing arguement for staying in england over Milan)

Now, you would think this is not terrible news. But you see, I view getting a haircut from a new hairdresser as a far more unpleasant task than the dentist. When I moved to Britain and realised that the hairdressers over here had no idea how to cut my hair, I just stopped getting it cut. For 5 years. Hair was down to my lower back. And it took me 6 months to trust this guy long enough to get my current haircut which is the shortest it has ever been in my life.

My hair does two things really well, and thats it. It grows really fast, and it grows straight. You cannot style, blowdry, coax it into a shape. Well, the hairdressers can, but once I wash it, that leaves me looking like they put a bowl on my head and cut round it (I kid you not, there are photos to prove it) My lovely hairdresser understood that you had to cut my hair the way you want it to go.

He has left his little brother behind. So I'm left with a choice. Trust the little brother, or find someone else. I believe I will need some hand holding next month. Why me!


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