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So new technology, as promised.

I'm a bit of a purist about technology. I don't want a phone that is a camera and a pda and a mp3 player, because frankly, what that actually means is that it does all of those badly, and mucks up the actual point of the phone, which is for calls and texts. I promised myself a new mp3 player when I got a job. Because I have a mac, and all my music is on the mac, I pretty much have limited choice in player, and have to go for a ipod. While I think the ipods are pretty, they are way way overpriced, and if I could find any reliable proof that a creative player would play nice with my mac, I'd be buying one. But I can't. My other problem is that I have about 10.5 gig of music with about another gig of podcasts. There isn't a ipod in the 12-15 gig range. I had considered getting two nano's, one for the gym and one for the rest of it, but even 8 gig isn't quite enough. I had resigned myself to buying a ipod classic and a nano for the gym. Then the iTouch came out. On recommendations from friends (or anti recommendations, as in don't go play, it's too pretty) I went and played with one. It is very pretty. Boy, is it pretty. But you know, its also pretty much pointless. So, it's wireless. Okay, how often am I near a open wireless connection without my mac. Can't think of a time in the last 6 months. Music, yes, pretty, but really, an ipod would do, and has way more space. Video, right, because I want to watch a movie on a tiny screen. Again, can't think of anything I want to watch badly enough to watch on a iTouch. Surfing the net, great, but I'm pretty sure the next gen iPhone/iTouch, which will probably have both mobile and wireless connections will be better.

So, I'm putting off the decision. When apple release the SDK, if serious PDA people make noises about porting actual business apps across to the iTouch, ones that don't rely on a wireless connection, then I'll buy one. Otherwise, no. But in the mean time, I have a shiny new iPod Nano to play with.

I did wonder if I had brought a iTouch, just how long it would take certain people to arrive at the house wanting to play. I had about 3 hours down as a bet.

I'm not really sure apple has thought about the iTouch's market. Just who is supposed to be buying these things? Or maybe I'm just getting old and not with the new generation. Although, at £300 quid, I'm not sure the new generation can afford an iTouch.

Technology just isn't the way it used to be :-(
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