Feb. 14th, 2008

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Oh my god, I'd forgotten what its like to work for a living! (those of you who haven't had a holiday in a while , K I'm looking at you, may want to skip this section)

So, I've been sitting at home for 6 months and to be fair, the year before that wasn't exactly hard work on the brain, so its really been 18 months since I had to think. My brain is very slowly restarting. I think for the first few days it was in shock. Not to mention my body, which has decided to get sick, right at the best time. I figure I have no immunity to all those nasty colds that always go around, but I've probably managed to infect half the office, because I can't really take sick leave one week into a new job.

(Okay, those of you who work too hard can rejoin the post now)

I went for a interview at T on a Wednesday. It was a good interview, but the company reminded me a lot of the first company I worked/lived for, which wasn't a great comparison. However, they seem to have weathered the storms a lot better than my old company, P, and they'd thrown their mad MD out, a feat which we never managed. They offered me the job the next morning. Woken up from a deep sleep, I accepted the job with a minimum of fuss, lucky for me the offer was pretty good, so I didn't do too badly. Then I told them about my holiday, which caused some concern. Still, they wanted me to start ASAP (4 days for my CV to go to the client and them to agree to me joining a project is fast!), so the next Wednesday, I trotted over to T's offices, had the fastest intro to a firm known to man, had various bits of technology thrust at me, and was on my way to the client site in 90 mins. Where I have been ever since. This has the slight effect of causing me to not quite know who I'm working for, or what they want me to achieve, which as a consultant is a bit worrying. I'm hoping for clarity at some point, and in the mean time, focusing on being bright eyed (through a bad cold) and bushytailed, and figuring it out later.

And hey, new technology! But I will post about that later, because I have enough material for 2 posts and that happens very rarely, so I shall take advantage of it. All I shall say is iTouch pretty!


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