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After much prompting, here is my tale of woe about iTunes, and the evil company in a red cloak!

Once upon a time, there was a girl who got home on a Friday night after a long weeks work. She decided to check her email. Strangely enough, she found some receipts from iTunes. What ho, she thought, I haven't purchased anything from iTunes in a while. Never mind, I shall open the receipt and see what the problem is.

Oh no, she cried, as she realised there was £40 pounds of expenditure on iphone apps and oh dear she cried as she realised the receipt was in Chinese!

But how, she wondered, as she attempted to access her iTunes account. Oh hell, she swore (she's a modern fairytale heroine after all) as she noticed all words were now in Chinese.

After weeping at the credit card company, who were very nice and promised to protect her from the evil company in a red cloak, she then attempted to talk to the evil company. No phone numbers were to be found, only email addresses. While waiting for her well written tale of woe to be answered by the evil company in the red cloak, she attempted to get her account back to English.

Ah ah, she cried, an hour later, after finally wrestling the account back. Take that, she said, as she deleted her credit card information - not an easy task at all, as the evil company in the red cloak insisted on having that information.

Hmmmm, she said - as many emails went back and forth from the evil company in the red cloak. How is such a thing possible, she asked, how could my country be changed, but the credit card information stay the same?

Must be you, not sure, hacked, nasty people, here's how to change password, don't blame us, use gift cards, said the very very polite evil company in a red cloak.

So, the moral of this tale is, don't trust the evil company in a red cloak with your credit card, because they will be sod all use when it gets hacked.

The end
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